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The Multi-Billion Dollar Coffee Industry


Caffeine is not only the most used psychoactive drug on earth, it is also among the oldest. A few of the earliest known human civilizations discovered that the leaves or fruit of certain plants had powerful properties. Some even viewed these plants as spiritual. What these ancient individuals had actually found was caffeine. Once trade routes were developed, caffeine made its way out of the jungles and into the kitchens of the whole world.

Now, it is approximated that 80 percent of the world’s population consumes caffeine in some form on a routine basis. Needless to say, delivering people caffeine is an extremely profitably industry and is a big part of the majority of countries’ economies.

One might assume that it remains in the best interest of the coffee industry to keep people addicted to caffeine so that their revenues keep rolling in. This is partly true, but as long as there is a need for caffeinated products there will be companies making money from supplying that need.

The energy drink market has actually grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade, regardless of there being little proof that energy drinks have any real advantage aside from caffeine’s boost .

The average person consumes 165 mg of caffeine a day and those that take in one of the most caffeine, usually, are 40-60 years old. Coffee is the top consumed caffeinated drink and 64% of all caffeine intake in comes from coffee.

Tea and soda comprise 17% each and energy drinks account for 2% of people’s caffeine usage.

The typical caffeine consumer though has an average intake of 165 mg, and is well within what is considered a moderate and safe day-to-day quantity. The greatest cause of concern are the individuals who can’t take in caffeine in moderate amountsdue to addiction. These people, for many factors, are continually upping their everyday intake until the amount is not only hazardous, but it starts to interfere with their sleep, financial state, and their health.

Caffeine intake is a double-edged sword for some. They consume it to function and be more productive, however their intake can get to a point where it is interfering with being efficient and their capability to work regularly. Which is where reducing coffee intake becomes critical.


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