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  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
  • The Famous - The Koko Samoa
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The Famous

Save $4.50 on our three most sought after delicious treats, in one simple box.

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The Famous Box is a sampler box of The Koko Samoa’s most popular experiences. You can be sure that The Famous Box contains only the highest quality cacao treats that is loved the world over. Silky smooth, creamy, and full of flavour drinking cacao. Chocolatey aroma cacao husk detox tea and trinitario paste for cooking.

The Famous Box includes one pack of twenty one (21) single-serve Koko Samoa Pods™, one (1) Trinitario Koko Samoa mini cup, five (5) Keke Saiga (Samoan Savoury Biscuits).

Cup and cacao fruit not included.

Why It's Special

  • 100% Organic Certified Cacao
  • Perfect gift for your loved ones


Keke Saiga contains wheat, sugar, vegetable oil, soy and onion. We don't use animal fats or drippings.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't absolutely love our product after trying it, just send it back to us in the original packaging and we'll refund your money. See our refund policy for more details.

Shipping & Returns

Australia: 3-4 business days

New Zealand: 7-14 days

United States: 14 - 28 days

Rest of World: 18- 28 days

Returns: Our policy lasts 30 days. Read more here.

Important Info

For orders that include Single-Serve Koko Samoa Pods or chocolate, outside Australia and New Zealand

In the current situation, we can't control how long deliveries will sit in customs and quarantine. If the weather in your part of the world right now is hot enough to melt chocolate, there’s a chance that our single-serve koko and chocolate can arrive to you melted. Heart breaking! Please consider this before ordering, because we can't take responsibility for melted koko. If you do decide to order at your own risk, the good news is that even when melted the koko still tastes exactly the same, just perhaps not as convenient. 

Other products besides the single-serve Koko Samoa Pods and chocolate will not be affected.


    Our cacao is chocolate grade permaculture Trinitario, picked for flavour, then made in batches


    Mood boosting and healthy thanks to cacao's natural flavonoids and antioxidants


    With every purchase you're helping improve lives and doing social good in Samoa


    Boosts serotonin and other feel good brain chemicals. Full of magnesium to support a healthy heart & brain. High in fiber to promote normal digestive functions. Packed with phytonutrients to boost cardiovascular health


    Cacao is truly a heavy hitter containing 40 TIMES the antioxidants as blueberries! It is also the highest plant-based source of Iron!


    We know our customers value sustainably sourced, pure supplements and ingredients. Our cacao products are made from only all natural and non-GMO ingredients.